Who represents Raceway Farms?

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Updated 15 October 2018

Residents of Raceway Farms are represented by a number of elected officials. The following is a summary of all of those folks with links to the districts’ official sites, official contact information, websites both government and political, etc.  If you’d like to see something added or make corrections, please email site-admin@racewayfarms.org.

Raceway Farms is in the Belvoir (619) voting precinct for elections. You can register, review, or update your voter registration status by clicking here.

Due to the location of Raceway Farms, in close proximity to federal property (Fort Belvoir and NGA), state facilities (VDOT), and of course county property (parks, emergency services, etc.), each level of government can impact our lives as residents and owners.   Further, our streets are state maintained.  In addition to our own covenants, county ordinances also address conditions in our neighborhood.  The board of directors of the association will attempt to stay attuned to the impact of these governing bodies and pass information via the portal, email, etc.  You can contact the board via email, board_of_directors@racewayfarms.org.

Local Government

Raceway Farms is located in the Mount Vernon District of Fairfax County. The District Supervisor is Mr. Dan Storck.

There are a number of county ordinances that affect us in Raceway Farms. Here is the Zoning Ordinance. Others can be found by searching the county’s website.

State Government

Raceway Farms is located in the 36th State Senate District and the 43rd district for the House of Delegates. Information on the state’s bicameral General Assembly can be found by clicking here.

The governor of the state is Ralph S. Northam.

If you are not an official resident of the state of Virginia, you can find information on absentee ballots for all 50 states by clicking here.

By the way, you can click here to go to the Virginia statute that governs homeowners’ associations, the Property Owners’ Association Act.

Federal Government

Raceway Farms is in the 8th Congressional District. There are numerous websites for tracking federal government information. I found one that automatically compiles information from various government websites called govtrack.us.  It appears to be politically neutral and very comprehensive.  If any reader finds bias or problems with that site, let me know but until then, I’m using it as a gateway to other sites for efficiency.

Hopefully, this page is a useful reference for you. If there are other types of articles along these lines that you’d like to see, just send an email to site-admin@racewayfarms.org and the board will do its best to condense and compile the information on our portal to save you time in the future.  Also, email if an election happens and you notice this hasn’t been updated.

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