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In the past year, our web portal had nearly 15,000 visits with zero marketing, so we’re just getting warmed up!  In a recent 30 day period, the welcome page (where the graphic to the left initially appeared until Walker’s Grille bought the space and we moved it down) received almost 2,300 hits…our little community website!  Future plans include marketing strategies which target those in the real estate and home improvement market in our area.  If this is your target demographic, you’ll want to get in early by posting your ad prominently on our welcome page.

The Northern Virginia real estate market is one of the few in the country that stays hot, even when others are slow.  This corner of Fairfax County is one of the hottest with the nearby NGA facility just completed (8,500 personnel not including contractor support popping up nearby) and the new hospital in Fort Belvoir replacing Walter Reed (3,500 employees.)  Soon the National Museum of the US Army will arrive.  There is other growth coming as well.

If you are in real estate, hardware, home services, or any similar business that could benefit by the exposure to folks hitting our site, why not sponsor an ad here?  Whether you place the ad on our welcome page for highest exposure, or in our classified section, or other sub page within the portal, you would be assured of traffic linked back to your own site.  What’s more, we can provide you data on that traffic so you know what you’re getting.

Send an email to and let us know how we can help advertise your business.  Whether small graphic, embedded video, or full page ad, we can negotiate a recurring rate, or one-time presence.

Raceway Farms Homeowners Association is a non-stock corporation that is not for profit.  It is incorporated with the Virginia State Corporation Commision.  All profits from the sale of advertising are reinvested in our community for the benefit of all members.

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