Complaint Procedure

Procedure for Resolving Complaints for Members & Citizens

Although the board prefers to resolve complaints informally via direct in-person or email correspondence, in accordance with section 55-530 of the Code of Virginia, associations registered with the Common Interest CommunityBoard (CICB) must establish a written process for resolving association complaints from members and citizens.  This requirement was brought to the attention of the RFHA Board of Directors by Commonwealth of Virginia memorandum dated June 28, 2012.  Click here to view that memorandum.

Complaint:  “An association complaint shall concern a matter regarding the action, inaction, or decision by the governing board, managing agent, or association inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.”

The following constitutes the written process for receipt and consideration of complaints for the Raceway Farms Homeowners Association:

1)  Rules for Receiving Complaints

A.  This process maximizes the use of electronic communication and forms.  Consistent with the the regulations of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman, electronic copies of all associated correspondence will be filed within the Resource Center on the Raceway Farms electronic portal, or tracked within the electronic forms tracking feature of that portal.

B.  Primary (preferred) method for receiving complaints – Electronic

i.  Click here to submit a complaint via online form
ii.  Insure all fields are filled out completely and additional documentation is attached as required.
iii.  For technical assistance, email  Secondary method for receiving complaints – Mail

i.  Click here for complaint form which can be printed, filled out, and mailed.
ii.  Mail this form to:

Raceway Farms Homeowners Association
P. O. Box 448
Newington, VA 22122-0448D.  Acknowledgement of receipt by the board will occur within seven days of receipt.  Acknowledgment of mailed complaints will be hand delivered or mailed by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the complainant at the address provided, or via e-mail if an address is provided.  Our board members are volunteers and our post office box is not checked daily, so acknowledgement of mailed complaints will occur within seven days of mail pickup.  Therefore, electronic processing will always be more timely

Rules for Considering Complaints

A.  The Board of Directors of Raceway Farms Homeowners Association will attempt to resolve the complaint at the next board meeting following receipt of the complaint.
B.  The time and place of board meetings will be announced in the association’s online calendar, and via signs placed at both entrances to Raceway Farms approximately one week prior to meeting date.
C.  If a resolution decision is not possible, reasons will be stated in published meeting minutes along with follow-on actions to reach resolution (further research, requests for more information from complainant, etc.)
D.  If further research or requests for information are required, these will occur prior to the next monthly board meeting when complaint resolution will resume again.  Board action on active complaints will be detailed in meeting minutes until a final decision is rendered.
E.  Rendered final determination decisions will be announced in meeting minutes as well as directly to complainants. 

F.  Rendered decisions will be delivered to the complainant within fourteen days of decision.
G.  Appeals are not available.  Rendered decisions are final.  A complainant may file a notice of final adverse decision issued by the Board of Directors of Raceway Farms Homeowners Association with the Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman in accordance with § 55-530 F of the Code of Virginia.

H.  To inquire as to the status of a particular complaint or rendered decision, email